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Confederate Officers Letters page 2

Hawkins Plantation report
January 7, 1864

Theo. Heerrman Capt Eng. Dept.

I have the honor of having to report that today I have sent forward to the mouth of Caney (Creek Texas) ______ one hundred nine (109) Negros with eleven axes (11) five hoes and one (1) spade. They came in last night under a detachment from Capt. Stobles Co of state troops. They are from Wharton Co. and without implements that would be of much service. I still have other parties out collecting Negros, those in Matagorda Co report the work on roads(?) is not quite finished by the Negros within the ten miles around the Rugeley. The Negros forwarded today will make up 140 one hundred forty sent since 25th Dec. 1863.

I am respectfully Capt
Your most Obt servt.
Capt Thompson
Capt. Asst. Eng.

(Transcriber George Purvis)

Return for fifteen Negroes employed in the Quarter master employ as Laborers and teamsters for 31 days beginning the first day f July 1864 and ending the 31st day of July 1864.

Station Numbers Rations
Galveston 15 Negros 31 days

The above is true and correct, the Negros now employed as stated.

S. W. Story
Capt Qm.

The ASST. QM will issue the above rations. (???)

(Transcriber George Purvis)

Magnolia Report
Dec 20th, 1863

Capt. Theo Heerrman,
Adj., Engr. Dept.


As yet I am able to report on twenty three (23) Negros that have arrived at this point for labor on fortifications. Some have come without implements of any kind. They have all been forwarded to mouth of Bernard (River, Texas) I have received orders to furnish Mr. (J.H.) Winston to assist ???(herding) stock which I have endeavored to do though all the Negros from this immediate vicinity are on the government employ. I have pointed out at this time going over the same grounds that others have visited urging planters too send Negros forward.

I am respectfully
Your obedient servant
C. T. Thompson
Lt. (?) Asst Engr.

(Transcriber George Purvis)

Engineer Department San Antonio
Jan 13, 1864
Capt. Theodore Heerrman, A.A. G.
Engineer Department, Houston

Your communication of the 10th inst. Has come to hand including general order 254. I have but 15 Negros so far and do not expect for some time at least.

Yours very respectfully,
F. Giraud (Francis
Eng. In charge
Def. San Antonio

(Transcriber George Purvis)

Officer Medical Purveyor Dept. Trans Mississippi
Huston Texas, Nov. 6th, 1863


In answer to endorsement I beg leave to enclose a copy of my comm. The 2nd inst explaining the matter as far as possible. It was originally to supply the distillers by detail from the ranks – the Negroes have substituted and are to be paid for by the Q M Dept. My request is that the Q.M. at Tyler be instructed to place the Negros upon his rolls and to afford all other facilities to Surgeon (William R.) Johnston in carrying out this undertaking

The Negros are not furnished by the Labor Bureau and being employed for a special purpose as distillers and coopers, their places cannot be supplied.

Very respectfully
Your Obdt. Servant
Howard Smith
Surgeon Medical Purveyor C.S.A.
To Capt. (Edmund P.) Turner
A.Adjt. General
Dist. Texas, N.M. & A.

(Transcriber George Purvis)

I am not certain why Footnote has the following letters listed under Confederate Soldiers instead of Confederate Officers; I can only offer this explanation ---

Full Title: Compiled Service Records of Confederate General and Staff Officers, and Nonregimental Enlisted Men Source: The National Archives Visit websiteCompletion:100% complete. These records contain card abstracts of entries relating to each soldier as found in original muster rolls, returns, rosters, payrolls, appointment books, hospital registers, Union prison registers and rolls, parole rolls, and inspection reports. They may also contain the originals of any papers relating solely to a particular soldier.

Headquarters Eng. Dept.
District of Texas New Mexico A (Arizona?)
Galveston, Tex, July 13, 1864

I have the honor to acknowledge your note of yesterday, requesting my opinion in regard to the rations of Negro laborers. It is my decided(?) opinion that the service would be benefitted by a return of the system of 1-1/2 ration of beef. This conviction is the result of my experience as an owner of Negros and recently strengthened by universal complaints in this respect since the changes made from officers under my command in charge of public servants.
I have the honor to be
Very respectfully
Your obt. Svt
P.O. Hebert (Paul)
Brig. Genl and Chief Eng

Capt. Theodore Herrmann
A.C. E.
Maj. Genl. Magruder Staff

(Transcriber George Purvis)

Camp Esperanza
Pass Cavallo (Texas)
Feb. 9, 1862

--------- The points at which this commerce may be attacked and the trade cut off, are Pass Cavallo, Cedar Bayou and Arkansas Pass (Texas) These places all should be adequately guarded and the commands all should be attached to the command at this Pass. Because of the easy and direct land communication.
The entrenchments at this Pass are finally (?) progressing & will be pushed forward with all possible dispatch. Forty five Negros are engaged upon them and expect as many more.

Very Respectfully
C. G. Forshey (Caleb)
Heavy art ???????

To major Samuel Boyer Davis
AAA (?) Genl

(Transcriber George Purvis)

(Page 1)
Eng . Office Velasco May 23, 1864
Captain L. D. Aldrich
AA Genl District of Texas

Enclosed please find enclosed weekly report of Negros employed on the works at this place. All hands are still employed on the redoubt on Oyster Creek Road (?) which I hope to finish by the end of this month.

Respectfully Your Obt. Sevt.
Abram Cross
Eng in Charge

(Page 2)
Weekly report
Showing the no. of mechanics Negros Tools and C employed on the works at Velasco (Texas. Week ending May 24, 1864

Overseers --3
Negros ---57
Carpenter Tool sets --
Blk ???? tool set – 1
Spades --- 39
Shovels –7
Jacks –8
Gardening hoes – 10
Axes – 14
??????? ---42
I certify the above is correct.
Abram. Cross
Eng in Charge

(Transcriber George Purvis)

Engineer Office Velasco
December 28, 1863
Captain Herrman ,
A.A. G. E D

The three hundred (300) Negros ordered to be sent here have not arrived with the exception of fifty two (52) received within the last three weeks. Please send them as soon as possible.

Very Respectfully
Your Obdt. Svt
Abram Cross
Eng. In Charge

(Transcriber George Purvis)

Sabinetown Oct. 27, 1863
To Maj. Genl. Magruder (John Bankhead) Comdg


About 242 Negros of the 500 ordered have reported. Fortunately no more as we have no implements ------------

Unable to determine who wrote this letter.

(Transcriber George Purvis)

It is not uncommon to hear of the abuse, real or imagined, a Negro trooper endured while serving in the Confederate army. Rarely does one ever hear of the abuses Negroes suffered under Union Commanders. Here is an excellent example. I had three different people review this letter and give me their thoughts on the content. All agree this letter was written by a Confederate, addressing Union forces on Padre Island.

George Purvis


The following November (1863) Union forces captured Brazos Island near the southern tip of Padre Island. On November 18, a large body of Union troops including the 13th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment sailed up to Corpus Christi Pass and landed on Mustang Island, moving on to assault the Confederate garrison at Aransas Pass, about thirty miles away across from the northern end of Mustang Island. After minor skirmishing, the Union forces prevailed. The forces pushed on north to Matagorda Island, but soon had to be withdrawn to participate in campaigns elsewhere in the Gulf.

Expedition Forces, Line of Nueces
Banquete, March 23, 1864
Col. John S. Ford
Commdy Ex. Forces C.S. P. A.(?)
San Antonio

I have received the following information which deeming of importance in the absence Maj. Nolan. With a reconnaissance to the front and west I consider proper and necessary to communicate to you. The source I believe to be reliable. ------------------------

------------------ The forces at present on Padre Island numbers about 360 soldiers and about 120 Negroes in command of Maj. Thompson. The Negroes are armed but serve in the works only in case of a fight; at all other times they are worked hard as laborers or servants and receive $9.00 a month ??????? Backs and soldiers rations & clothing; they are all treated as menials and are dissatisfied. The command has not been paid for eight months and all are ragged and dirty and many of them are barefoot.
I have the honor to be Sir,
Very respectfully you Obt Servt.
Jas. (Chas.?) Lovenskiold

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