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Part 2 --The States, The People

This section lists all of the names and references to service that we can find. Many sources are used, Footnote, Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, various state and federal records, letters diaries and other printed material. Sources are listed for each and every individual. You may search by state or by name using your computers edit button.

A small number will be found at the bottom of each page indicating the number of people listed on each page. A number found at the bottom of this page indicates the total number of all people listed. These numbers do not in any way represent the number who may have served, they only represent those who have been found at the present time. Research is ongoing.

There will be a section simply called Confederate. In this section we will be listing those people, we found, who served, but we could not find enough information to place them in a state or command. If you have more information, please feel free to share.

Expect errors and duplications, they do happen, especially when dealing with numbers only. If you see something that your suspect is an error and needs correcting, please bring it to our attention

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